This is How YOU GET PAID

Below are 5 simplified ways that It Works Distributors get paid. Of course this isn’t the meat and potatoes, although this is the number one question among potential and active distributors.


This is what you need to know….The Steps to Success


It Works has created the Steps to Success to take the guess work out of how to be successful in this business.


1. Fast Cash “Right Now Money” – Introducing the applicator to new people, selling wraps for $25- $35, throwing wrap parties. This can put $100 – $300 of CASH PROFIT in your pocket!

2. Residual Commission – You will make 2-15% on all the sales in your organization. It doesn’t matter if it’s a team member or Loyal Customer

3. Fast Start Bonuses When a NEW team member in the first 30 days upon enrollment, signs on 2 loyal customers + AUTOSHIP IS ON!

4. Car Bonus Once you gather 60 loyal customers, with a volume of at least 3,000 PBV you will get an extra bonus of around $600 for that month in your paycheck.

5. Leadership Bonuses Where you check grows EXPONENTIALLY!  Diamond is the first level of  leadership in It Works Global. Once you get to Diamond you get paid in two additional ways.

Cab Bonus you accumulate and extra $80 – $150 depending on if you are a Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Presidential, or Ambassador, for every distributor you personally enroll and help them get Fast Start Qualified.  Ex. As an ambassador Diamond if you qualify a distributor, you will get $100 + an additional $150. If you have a ROCKSTAR you will also make $150 on each person they Fast Start Qualify INFINITE LEVELS DEEP.

Generation Bonus. Every new diamond is a new generation. This bonus gives you an additional 9% in generational bonuses when you help someone from your organization promote to Diamond. MEANING you will get an additional 9% on that entire team’s volume once they get to leadership.

Fast Start Bonuses are paid out Weekly & Residual and Car Bonuses are paid out Monthly.

Click Here for Full-Length Video with Black Diamond Kami Dempsey


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