Make 10 Connections a Day

Kim Scott, Presidential Diamond of It Works explains how she makes 10 connections a day using the four Ps.


Prepared– You must be mentally prepared to be positive. You must always have your wrap kit with you. You never know when the opportunity to put a wrap on someone will present itself. Men, carry your wrap kit in your book bag. Keep it in your car and everywhere you go.

Practice– You have to practice what you are going to say when you make a connection. Kim suggests that you should have a lose script. Ask people how their day is going, bring up a current event…make yourself relate able to your potential client. Walk them into presenting your business. Revise your script if necessary.

Prospect– when you prospect people, that’s your chance to blitz them. Most people try to get the blitz card out of their hand as soon as possible and “run away”. You should be aiming to make a connection with your blitz. It’s not about passing out as many cards as possible, make yourself memorable. **Get their follow up information**

Present – Set a time to present the product and opportunity to your prospect. If you don’t do the proper follow up all your hard work from the four P’s are wasted.

Watch the full length video here: How to Reach 10 people a day


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