You MUST Validate Your Success

When I first began It Works Global I would watch Kami Dempsy, one of IWG’s top money earners, party pad presentation over and over again. What I soon realized is that the magical money making spark that Kami possessed is what made HER successful… It didn’t mean that it would make ME successful in the same way.

Don’t compare yourelf  to other lW Distributors. You have 2 options.

#1. Focus on what you NEED to do differently or #2. Focus on what you CAN already do well & OWN IT

Identify Your Strengths StrengthsFinder

Are you a good friend? Great Listener? Compassionate?? Mentor? People Person? Organizer? Health-Nut?

I love marketing and meeting new people so I’ve honed in on my graphic design and marketing skills and incorporated it into my business.


Identify what your team member do well and VALIDATE, VALIDATE, VALIDATE!  Meaning recognize your team members for their efforts with a letter, social network recognition, or just a simple phone call.  You will in return strengthen your relationship & build your team’s confidence.

It takes all types of skillets to put together a SUCCESSFUL TEAM. What’s your AWESOME contribution?



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