Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but what does it takes to be a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR?

  • Find people who have a “why”. Find people who are as passionate about being a business owner as much a you. What pulls you through when things get tough. Your kids, private school, a new car…?

This is my WHY. What’s Yours?


  • Create Layered Leadership. Help your team members gain leadership qualities and teach them how to  pass it on to their team. Your past is not an indicator.Develop yourself into a leader & you will be able to help others do the same.
  • Your past education or jobs is not a deciding factor if your going to be a successful entrepreneur.



Characteristics of an Entrepreneur. Do you possess the same qualities that you’re looking for in a team member?

  • Visionary
  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Loyal
  • Focused
  • Driven

Even if you don’t possess every characteristic, it can be learned with practice and by developing a winning attitude.

What else?

Summon your Ideal Life
Describe your ideal day in detail. What time did you wake up? What do you see around you? What do you have on? What is your day like as a successful entrepreneur? What’s your lifestyle?Beautiful-Houses-Week43_Sunset-Point-Residence-by-David-Vandervort-Architects_11-@-GenCept-700x465

Image: Sunset Point Residence by David Vandervort Architects in Juan Island, Washington.

Your DETERMINATION is your most valuable asset as a leader.


Feature Image: Cover design of the book “The Leader in me” by Stephen Covey


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